1. Setting Up Accounts
  2. Making Dog Show Entries
  3. Editing Any Details Within Your Account
  4. CCClub - Setting Up a CCClub Account
  5. Judging Critiques
  1. On-Line Exhibitors Passes
  2. Downloadable Breed Catalogues
  3. Handling
  4. Entering an NFC dog on a different day
  5. Privacy Policy

Setting Up Accounts

Each account represents ONE ownership/partnership.

The general principles are similar to filling in a paper Entry Form. For each account/(entry form) :-

  1. You state the Registered Name and Address of the dogs Ownership/Partnership.
  2. You enter the Registered Name of the Dog - date of birth - breeder - sire - dam etc.

Important: KC registration number or Stud Book number apply to dogs registered at the UK Kennel Club. The ATC number (Authority to Compete) is granted upon application by the UK Kennel Club for dogs which are registered in other countries.


To set-up or use more than one account for different Ownerships/Partnerships:-

  1. Logout of the Account you are using, by clicking the "Logout" link at the top of the screen.
  2. This takes you back to the "Login/Register" page.
  3. From the "Login/Register" page, either Register a new Account for a different Ownership/Partnership, or Login to an already established (other) Account.

So the principle is:-

  1. Login to an account - use it - Logout - Login to another account - use it - etc.

The details within Your Account will be used exactly as you have typed them, so their accuracy depends entirely upon you.

Overseas Entries...

If your dog is a Champion / Show Champion it can only be entered in an Open, Champion, or an age related class, in the UK.
NB: The Kennel Club does not recognise Junior and Veteran Champion titles so these should not be counted when calculating eligibility in the UK.

If your dog has gained one or two CAC, CACIB, Green Star awards or any other award which counts towards the title of Champion it is eligible for the Limit or Open Class (or an age related class).

If your dog has gained three or more CAC, CACIB, Green Star awards or any other award which counts towards the title of Champion it is only eligible for the Open Class (or an age related class).

Please refer to Kennel Club Regulations for the full definition of all classes at Kennel Club licensed shows.

Making Dog Show Entries

The Accounts and Dog records that you set-up can be used time and time again for entry into Shows without any re-keying. So therefore after you have set-up Your Account then:

  1. Use the Option ´Enter My Dogs for a Show´
  2. Select a Show from the list.
  3. Tick (in lieu of signature) the Kennel Club Declaration box as the Owner of the dogs being entered.
  4. Select all the dogs that you wish to enter into the show.
  5. Choose the classes that you wish each dog to go into.
  6. Choose any of the items specific to the show, such as Catalogues etc.
  7. The system then gives you a summary of Your Entry - read it - if o.k. it then goes to the payment page to take your secure payment by Credit or Debit Card.
  8. Only when you have paid is Your Entry complete.

After the Entry has been made:

If you Login to Your Account and choose the option ´My Account History´ there you will see a list of the entries you have made from that account.

If you request us to make any changes to Your Entry after it has been made there is a £5.00 Administration Charge.

Editing Any Details Within Your Account


To change (edit) any information within Your Account. Choose whichever option you require: either My Personal Information or My Dog Database. Change the information and then press the Update button at the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect. This will make your information correct for future entries.

The site forces certain principles upon your typing to give uniformity to all entries. The main principle is that it forces a cap and lowercase after any space. Therefore to have capital initial letters in your name you must put a space between them. The spelling out of Christian names is not supported.

Where the Owner and the Breeder are the same person press the tick box in the breeder field of the dog record and it will copy the details for you. This will result in the dog being ´br. Exh´ within its printed record.

Prefixes - Ch; Sh Ch etc. Suffixes - JW Sh.CM should be added via the Prefix or Suffix options to the dog name (not so for the sire and dam names). They are not part of the registered dog name. To add a prefix or suffix - select Edit for the dog - select the prefix or suffix - press the Update button at the bottom of the screen for the changes to take effect.

CCClub - Setting Up a CCClub Account

These accounts are available to everyone who has Registered on

For a small annual cost there are many features which you can use (see the option My CCClub for details) to present you’re Kennel - advertise - sell etc.

All these options are menu driven, so you simply fill in the boxes. To Upload pictures, you need to select the pathway to where you have stored it on your computer.

Entry Queries?

If you have any queries regarding Your Entry:- Please quote Your Entry Form number from your confirmation Email or press the reply button to the confirmation Email and state clearly what the problem is. You need to do it this way as any amendments have to be attached to your original Entry Form. The Email address is

Judging Critiques


This facility is now available for you to publish your Judging Critique as soon as you like after the show. It will then be displayed on the www 24/7 for people to read it. Both your results ( and Critiques ( will be linked together and will be eagerly read world-wide as soon as they appear. The following figures will give you an idea of the popularity of the web site:- Usage Analysis for = 80,000+ hits per day with a 4 minute average session duration.

We thank you in advance for supporting this feature and providing interest for your breed.

Creating your Judging Critique

The process is instant if you already have an account on

  1. Login to your account and choose the option 'My Judging Critiques'.
  2. Click on Add a Critique.
  3. Choose the Show from the dropdown list.
  4. Choose the breed from the dropdown list.
  5. Then either type directly or copy and paste your critique from another application into the box provided.
  6. Preview your Critique and if it is as you want it, click the "Submit" button.
Tip:- You can click your right mouse button and choose the copy & paste options.
If you do not have an account on then it is simple to create one. Open your Internet browser and type into the command line. Choose the 'Login/Register' option and follow the menu. You then have an account and can therefore use the 'My Judging Critiques' option as described above.

Viewing the Critiques

Your Judging Critique will then be seen by anyone visiting and choosing the 'Judging Critiques' option on the left hand side of the screen.


If your critique needs amending in any way, at any time, all you need to do is:-

  1. Login to Your Account,
  2. Choose the option 'My Judging Critiques' - select the appropriate critique and...
  3. Press the Edit button and change whatever you want.
  4. Press the Submit button and read your critique.
  5. Press Submit again to publish.


You can also delete your critique by:-

  1. Login to Your Account.
  2. Choose the option 'My Judging Critiques',
  3. Press the Delete button.

On-Line Exhibitors Passes

You will receive your Exhibitors Passes at the appropriate time through Your Dog.Biz Account History - **not through the post**

Approximately 2x weeks before the show, you will be informed by Email that your Exhibitors Passes are in Your Account (and also by an SMS text message to your mobile phone if you wish).

Take these steps:

  1. Login to Your Account on and choose the option 'My Account History' there you will see alongside your Show Entry Record a line saying Download your Exhibitors Pass
  2. Click this link and your Exhibitors Pass will appear.
  3. Print out the Pass - and take it to the show.
  4. There may also be a Show Information Leaflet - print this.

Be aware that the Exhibitors Passes are not sent to you by Email, but will be in your account ready to be printed off by you and used at the show in the normal way.

Downloadable Breed Catalogues

You will receive your downloadable breed catalogue/s through your account history at 7am on show day.

Take these steps:

  1. Login to your account and choose the option ‘My Account History’. Underneath the show entry details there will be a line saying Downloadable Breed Catalogues.
  2. Click this link and the breed name will be displayed.
  3. Click on the breed name link and the catalogue will download.


To put a handler onto an on line entry, set up a new account on by clicking logon/register. In the personal details section please put the handlers name in the owner 1 field and after the surname in the same field put 'HANDLING FOR'. Enter the owners details in the owner 2 field and this will be listed correctly in the catalogue.

Entering an NFC dog on a different day

Logon to your account, click on ‘My Dogs’ then click ‘Add New Dog’ and enter the dogs information again putting a 1 at the end of the name and change the breed of dog to a breed on the NFC day. If you have a breed showing on the day the other dog is NFC, make both dogs the same breed and then your dogs will be benched together.


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